The truth is, there is nothing that is truly free in this world. Even for this website, there are still costs that we need to pay especially in these hard times with COVID-19 has hit the events industry a huge amount and has meant we have had no work at present and no income so we need help to keep the server running.

Mainly are for servers that keep us up and running. For the last few months, I’ve been moving my servers mainly because, the servers are unable to support our needs anymore (particularly for storage space and bandwidth). With that said, I need to move the data into a better one. Which also means, the cost to keep this website running is getting higher and higher.

So, if you are feeling generous today…you can help below:

In our Premium Section we will be posting old photo shoots pics and some never before seen shoots we we are asking for payment for. We would like to expand our premium content section by adding new content in the future.

But to do that we need funds you can either subscribe to monthly payment click here

Donate toward cost of new photo shoots

or make a donation towards a shoot (below). Like to see a specific model on our books leave a note with your donation and if we can arrange it and their up for it we will.

Donate towards costs or new photo shoots an average cost of a shoot can be between £250 upwards depending on location, model etc.

You can donate either using Credit or Debit Cards via Paypal or Stripe here


Donate towards running costs

Like what you see on the website, want to see more postings but don’t want to pay for the premium content why not send a one-off donation towards our running cost to keep server going.

You can donate either using Credit or Debit Cards via Paypal or Stripe here


or click on google ad below every visti its safe

Become a sponsor

Another way you can support us is by being a sponsor of this website. By becoming a sponsor, I can put your brand or organization logo or ads in the sidebar widget of the blog post. If you want to be a sponsor, please contact me through this contact page.

Share and Support

If you feel that you would not like to spend anything today, that’s totally fine. You can help by sharing us on Social media




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Your help is needed to fund new shoots and help towards running costs
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